Book a Cheap Flight

How to book a cheap flight? It does not have to be exhausting to find your best alternative. If you fly a lot then there without a doubt is a lot of money to be saved on finding cheaper routes or flights.

This post will hopefully help you to save money on your flights in the future. By using the ideas from things to remember and by looking at the best pages for each continent or geographic area you will probably be able to find cheaper flights than you did before.


Book a cheap flight


Things to remember

Before you book your flight try to clear your cookies and web-data in your browser or even try a different browser.

You should also try different days of the week, the prices can vary a lot from one day to another.

Be mindful of seasonality & holidays, if you are traveling during a holiday make sure to book well in advance.

Follow airlines on social media, this will help you to find their promotions easier.

Even though Momondo usually finds the cheapest alternatives it may be a good idea to check the sites of each individual airline.

Check your flights often, if you have a lot of time before your trip you can wait and see if the prices are going up or down before you book it.

If you want to book a cheap flight without spending a lot time you should check sites like Momondo that searches on many of the individual airline pages.


Book a cheap flight


Where to look for a cheap flight


This kind of depends on which area of our planet that you will be flying from or to. For example if I was to fly in Europe I would look at Norwegian and Ryanair. Norwegian actually has gotten a lot of bad press compared to other airlines but after flying with them some times I have to say that they are not as bad as some say.


If I would fly in Asia I would check AirAsia first before any other site, they will usually be your best alternative when looking for a cheap flight.



Other than these two sites there is my favorite one that I end up using for 80% of my bookings if not even more. If you have not tried Momondo yet then you will hopefully be happily surprised. You can use it to book flights form all over the world and it will often find the cheapest alternatives.

Not only that but they have this really easy to use calendar which shows you the cheapest dates around the date that you have searched your flight on. This means that if you are not bound by a schedule, have a tight time frame or if you are booking with short notice then you can really find cheaper flights.

So try it, hopefully it will cut back on your travel expenses.

Safe travels!

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