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“Je suis un pommes rogue” “Yo como una manzana” These are just some of the phrases I have learnt by using the Duolingo-app. Sure it may not be so useful to say that I am an red apple or that I am eating an apple but that is besides the point. The point is that I learnt this phrases from using this free app for only a few minutes.

Duolingo is a great app not only because it is free but also because it teaches in a very educational and relaxed matter. Still what you learn sticks somehow so I just wanted to spread the word about this great app.

Not only is it educational but it is very fun. Once you get started it is difficult to put the phone down. Honestly I learnt more from a few minutes on Duolingo than I did for three years in school. But maybe that says more about me than about the app. ;P

So lets summarize it all: The app is completely free to use, it is highly educational, it is very fun to use and you can use it offline!

So go check it out, it is a life saver on long journeys without an internet connection.
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