Making a budget for Thailand

Yesterday I met up with my friend Arild whom I am going to Thailand with. We had since long been planning to make up a budget for our stay in Thailand and we finally got around to doing so. This is our take on Making a budget for Thailand!

It is a little tricky as we are not really sure about how we will solve our accommodation yet but we figured that it is better to have some budget than no budget at all.

As we both have been to Thailand before we found it fairly easy to estimate how much money that we will be spending.

If you also have been to Thailand you are probably familiar with how cheap it is to stay and live there. With that said however there are always expenses that are easy to forget.

Also we are planning to make a VLOG about the trip and we might post this budget in video format later on but why not do it in text as well? What would you include when “Making a budget for Thailand”?

The Budget

We counted on rough estimates and this is more of a preliminary result than a final budget. But I still wanted to share it with you lot since it could be inspiring or helpful.

  • Alcohol – 100 Baht/day – 3000 Baht/month- ($3~/day & $89/month) – The alcohol in Thailand is super cheap and I do not drink very much. But when it is so cheap it is easy to grab a beer or two for lunch. We also know that we are going to party a bit from time to time so we set the average budget for alcohol to 100 b a day.
  • Food/Water – 200 Baht/day –  6000 Baht/month ($6~/day & $176/month) –  We both love street food so eating cheap will not be a problem. However we might eat many times a day so we decided to count a bit high on this one, just to have some wiggle room.
  • Mobile phone 500 Baht/month ($15/month) – We are going to use DTac which will cost around 500 baht a month. Not bad at all and their connection is actually good!
  • Rent – 10.000 Baht/month ($295/month) – Depending on where we choose to stay this sum could be a lot lower but it will not be any higher than this. Of course if we rent long term we have to consider water usage and more importantly electricity as well, which can range from 600 – 6000 baht a month depending on how much you use the AC.
  • Insurance – It is about $70 a month which is about 2400 baht per month.
  • Transportation –  4000 Baht/month ($117/month) – We have not decided yet on if we are going to rent any bikes or such. But we do know that either way, we will use tuk-tuks/motorcycle taxis etc. so we decided to count it in at 133 baht per person per day.

So in total that puts us at about 26 000 Baht per month which in American dollars translates to somewhere around $765. It is kind of amazing to get that monthly spending, especially when we estimated high costs on certain aspects.

Our daily budget would be around 880 baht or $25 which I feel is easy to achieve.

It is seemingly high but we rather count it to high now and find ourselves having more money left over later than having it the other way around.

Many aspects

So that was our take on Making a budget for Thailand. There is a lot to consider when making a budget and as I said this just a preliminary one. But if we can keep our spending to follow this budget then we are in for a good trip that will not ruin us financially!

Thank you for reading “Making a budget for Thailand”? Feel free to comment!


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