How much does it cost to travel Thailand?

When I first heard about the prices in Thailand I thought “no way it is that cheap”. After traveling here for six months and now that I have come back again I am still amazed of how cheap it Can be. But do know that it can also cost a lot. So how much does it cost to travel Thailand?

First things first. Lets point out the obvious and say that you can stay here on a tight budget or you can spend a whole lot of money.

Thailand is amazing in so many ways and one of them is the fact that all kinds of travelers can meet here. You can be a busking backpacker with long hair and beard sleeping on the beach and walk past millionaires whom both came here to enjoy this lovely country.

Basically it is all up to you. Make sure to track where your money is going because it is very easy to fool yourself into spending more than you should when things are so cheap.

“Oh this only cost this little? I´ll take 10!” Then you do that everyday and eventually your budget has a big hole in it. ¤Cough¤ Like Malibu Pineapples did to my budget ¤Cough¤ Lets look at some estimates to help you better understand How much does it cost to travel Thailand?

Also, do keep in mind that prices vary heavily from low to high season. In some places a room for 500 baht in low season can cost up to 1000 baht in high season.

How much does it cost to travel Thailand?


  • A standard room with AC is generally about 500 baht depending on location. It comes with a big enough bed for two people to share. If you feel like paying more than there really is no roof for much you can spend.
  • A night in a dormitory is about 100-300 baht.
  • If you´re planning on staying a long time, lets say 3 months, you can get the price down to 150-500 baht depending on the quality and location.

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  • An English breakfast, the best cure for a hangover, is usually around 100-150 baht.
  • Western food usually starts around 100 baht but can easily cost you up to 200-500 baht per meal.
  • Thai food, arroy maak, can be found from 30-200 baht depending on the meal and portion size. I rarely eat Thai food that costs more than 50 baht per meal.
  • A small bear goes for as little as 35 baht to 50 in a small bar or 7/11. In clubs they can easily cost over 100 baht.


  • The common Aladdin pants goes for around 100-200 baht in a market depending on how good you can haggle about the price.
  • Harem pants of better quality can cost 250-500 baht.
  • T-Shirts can be found in all kinds of prices but usually they start at 80 baht and the better quality the more you will pay.


  • If you ride on a motorcycle taxi it usually costs 50 baht to go one or two kilometers.
  • A tuk tuk for the same ride would probably be around double or a little bit more.
  • If you go in a taxi prepare to pay about 150-250 baht for the same drive. Remember to not go without a taxi meter, that way there should be no arguments about the price. But if you do not know the area the taxi driver might take a longer way to get the price up. Use Taxi Wizard to help you save money on taxi rides.


  • If you feel like getting your divers certificate on Koh Tao it usually cost around 7000 baht and includes the accommodation for that period. Remember that sometimes it is a good idea to pay for quality, this is one of them!
  • Day tours to the Phi Phi islands from Koh Lanta cost around 1200-2000 baht depending on what that is included.
  • The prices of the shooting rangers varies heavily from place to place. Usually a few shots with a handgun is about 500 baht.

So now you know! Do not forget to actually make your budget and more importantly Stick with it! I hope this post helped you answer the question: How much does it cost to travel Thailand?

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