Sweden’s Open Cabins

Swedish summer, good friends, progress with the blogs and overall just good times. That is how I would sum up this week as it is nearing it’s end. This Thursday I went out on a mini-camping trip with two friends with the purpose of evaluating one of Sweden’s open cabins.

“Open cabins”? Yeah man open cabins! Apparently some smart people in Sweden decided that there should be cabins open and available to the public. Not only that but they are often conveniently placed  along trekking and wander trails.

There is no need to book anything, you simply go there and hope that there will be some room to sleep in for you. I did not know about these cabins until recently but apparently they have been around for some time now.

Our trip to one of Swedens Open Cabins

We set off from Västerås where we all live and within two hours we had managed to ditch the cabin that we had originally decided to stay in because of it being crowded at the time.

Instead we decided to look up some of the other cabins in the area which we did. The first one we found was not very big and did not have any logs to fuel a fire so we left it behind us rather quickly.

Third lucks the charm they say and so it was this time because the next cabin we examined was perfect. It was big enough to fit a lot of people but we had the luxury of having it all to ourselves.

Not far from it there was a lookout tower, not in the best condition but it still offered a very nice view of the landscape covered in trees.

We only stayed one night as planned but it did leave us wanting more and we will most likely go on mor similar trips within the near future.


Swedens Open Cabins

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Freedom to roam

These cabins go perfectly with Swedens law known as the “freedom to roam”. The freedom to roam, or every man’s right is the general public’s right to access certain public or privately owned land for recreation and exercise.

The right is sometimes called the right of public access to the wilderness or the right to roam.

The access is ancient in parts of Northern Europe and has been regarded as sufficiently basic that it was not formalized in law until modern times.

However, the right usually does not include any substantial economic exploitation, such as hunting or logging, or disruptive activities, such as making fires and driving offroad vehicles.

Try them out

Through this post I hope to inspire and spread knowledge about these open cabins that anyone can visit. All you have to remember is to leave them in the same or in better shape than they were when you arrived.

If you are going to Sweden, look for these cabins and work them into your itinerary because I am sure that you will love your stay there.

Thank you for reading about Swedens Open Cabins, stay awesome!

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