Back in Sweden! Where do I go next?

Life! How quick it can change in a matter of seconds. Just goes to show how much planning really is good for. As some of you already know I am now back in Sweden, oh right I kind of gave it away in the title I guess. My adventure on Gran Canaria came to an end and I am back home just in time for summer.

It was so amazing to meet my friends and family again and I really see them all in a new light. I suck at appreciating things so traveling is good because I really realize what I have when I come back home.

Also this is the perfect time to be in Sweden. Summer is already here and kicking ass, we Swedes like to dream of hot weather but once it comes it overwhelms some of us. Understandable when we live in the asshole of a polar bear half the year as the Swedish comedian Johan Glans so vividly put it.

So I am really looking forward to this summer but also to what comes next!

Next trip?

However, I am already planning my next trip. This vagabond lifestyle is really nice and right now my websites are doing really good so I hope to become a full time digital nomad within shortly. Well, not hope as much as aim to be!

Me and a good friend are looking at houses to rent in Hua Hin during the winter for 1-3 or possibly more months. For me it will all come down to economics but I am sure that I will be able to avoid at least a few months of winter.

I never really left Thailand, just as I never really left Australia and going back will be really amazing. Thailand was chosen yet again due to it being cheap but also because of the nature, the food, the people, the culture and so much more of everything that makes it so awesome.

Stay tuned

I will try to make more videos for this blog, after all I did buy that GoPro so I better use it. I have ideas of Vlogging in Thailand and I might start it before the trip. Lets see what happens! I will up my activity a lot so stay tuned and lets talk again soon! Peace!

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