Beach Trip from Hua Hin

So now I have been in Hua Hin, Thailand, for about three months. Unlike the last time I visited Asia I haven´t really been traveling much at all. So it was a very happy surprise when my friends asked me to go on a short excursion to some places not far from Hua Hin.

We were an awesome team of five people, three Swedes one Norwegian and one Thai. We set out from Hua Hin in a minivan taking us to some bus station in some place.

I was just a happy follower going with the flow as you may hear from my lack of knowledge of where we actually went.

The plan was to go to Huay Yang first to meet some friends of one of my Swedish friends. Which we did. Huay Yang is a small village consisting of probably 90% Scandinavians, most Swedish.

It felt like visiting some sort of big resort and it was not really for me. With that said the beach was very beautiful and the surrounding nature was amazing.

Luckily for me despite the fact that the place itself didn´t have much to offer I had a great time thanks to the people that I went with. We laughed almost laughed ourselves to death.

On the beach there I took the photos of the beach with the sun about to go down behind the trees.

After that we set off to Ban Krud which is a bigger place but still kind of small. There were a lot more Thais though which brought back the feeling of actually being in Thailand.

The water was just the right temperature to stay in all day and the beach had nice sand and was very long.  I will definitively go back there some day.

All in all it was a very fun trip with so many laughs, so much such and so much fun. Good times with good friends in a nice climate, what more can you possibly ask for?

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Beach Trip From Hua Hin

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