How to: Book a fake onward ticket

Book a fake onward ticket

Are you going somewhere where they need you to show a return or onward ticket to be allowed to enter the country? And you have no idea as to how your journey will turn out or where to head next? Well worry no more because there are sites out there that can help you get around this problem whenever it may occur.  Simply book a fake onward ticket, or why not a fake return ticket?

In this post you will find five different services that help you solve the problem of onward or return tickets. So there is no longer any need to book real tickets just to get around this. I am sure that this post will help you save money in the long run.

The sites

Before you come to the list Id like to point out that I have not tried any of these sites myself. They were however recommended by other travelers that has tried them and said that they worked fine. At least you can check them up for yourself and find more reviews on the matter if needed.

  •  Russian site for tickets. Unsure of the cost. Thank you Google Translate!
  • – $7,99 is all you need to pay and you have a ticket ready to be used!
  • – Slightly more expensive site with a cost of $9,99.
  • – Refundable tickets if refunded within 24 hours of purchase. 100% of the price is returned. Legit and big company known to have a good support.
  • – Free of charge site to use if you need a fake return flight. It is also very easy and quick to use so it is probably the best alternative for you.

There you go! Hopefully these sites can help you out somehow. Read more posts Here.

Thank you for reading!

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