Preparing for Trip to Thailand in Winter

Thaaaailaaaand! I can hardly believe it when I say it out loud “I am going back to Thailand!”. Last winter I waited until last minute to plan my great escape of that white freezing thing called snow. This time I am better prepared as I am already planning for my next trip and let me tell you, I do not usually plan things this far ahead!

But planning can be vital and especially worth the time in money. As for this time I am not going alone on a wild backpacking trip. This time I will be going with a good friend of mine and we will rent a house in Hua Hin for 3 months+ during winter and NY.

Needless to say there is a lot that needs to be fixed which is why it feels so damn good to actually have sufficient amount of time to do it all in.

What needs to be done?

Well first we need to lock in a house to rent, we are searching for a house in Hua Hin with at least 2 bed rooms for a cost of approximately 20.000 bath (about $590) / month. We will split that cost which means that we will be living really, really cheap. I was looking at similar stuff to rent on and yup thailand is pretty much unbeatable when it comes to frugality.

So first house. Then VISA. This time I am pretty sure that I will use a VISA service in Sweden to have it all set up and ready for me when I arrive. It just feels a lot easier to have more days to stay, have it all prepared before and especially not having to worry about passing immigration.

When all that is taken care of and we arrive in Thailand we need to sign up at immigration as long term stayers, if I have understood it all correctly.

So this is exiting, confusing and happy times as I despise bureaucracy but the result of it will be worth it! Stay tuned!


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