4 Months Living & Working on Gran Canaria

How it feels to be working on Gran Canaria. Nearly 4 months has passed since I arrived in Las Palmas on my hunt for a warmer climate. A lot of things have happened and change rather drastically but all in all it is just looking better and better. Things are just easier to handle when there is no snow around.

Working in sales

I came here to try something that I honestly never had thought that I would work with. Sales. Telephone sales even. You know those people that always call you when you are eating? Yeah that is me now. But it is so interesting to work with this.

it is just like before I went to Australia and worked with handing out flyers on the street. Before I had tried it myself I was annoyed to see people handing out flyers. After working with it myself I now understand their struggle and just the same with sales people.

It is funny how a change of perspective can be such an mind-opener. I mean you don´t need to tell them that you love them but at least be polite.


Getting the work permit

Getting a work permit here on Gran Canaria is not very difficult as long as you get all of your papers in order and bring a translator. Apparently they are getting stricter and stricter about handing these work permits out so my advice is that you set up your living situation before you actually arrive here because that just saves you a lot of hustle.

Never sold before

Most of my previous jobs have been customer-service jobs where some or much of the work has been done over the phone. This was perfect for me since it means that I am used to speaking to people through a telephone. Also one my biggest natural talents is to talk shit so I´d say it is a perfect match! ^^ With that said I had no sales experience whatsoever when I arrived here to start working on Gran Canaria.

So with .no previous experience of working in sales I thought that I would be fired after about 2 days. But I was in luck because I came to the best possible place to learn sales. With the awesomely energetically, supportive and motivating team that I was welcomed by things never looked really difficult.

Then again the product itself kind of sells itself since it is a magazine focused on doing good in society in different ways. I did manage to sell on my first day and since then there has been some ups and downs but I am doing way better than I ever dared to dream off.

So to anyone wondering if it is possible to start working on Gran Canaria in sales without any previous sales experience? Yes, but have some backup money for the first month or two if needed.

Do you make enough money to live? Do you get paid?

Yes. Yes. Sales is fun in many ways but there are also some double-edged blades. For example with sales you get exactly what you put into it. Quitters never win and winners never quit. You can never work 50% and sell 100%, no way Jose. That however also means that if you can focus and if you are determined then you most likely will succeed.

So lets talk some numbers. My best week so far was not even a good week all over all but it still netted me over 500 euros in my pocket, this from only one week. So if I maintain that level over the course of a whole month my salary will be over 2000 euros. Also consider that the tax here is about 8%, lovely! So working on Gran Canaria is not bad at all!

And yes, I do get paid. Maybe I got lucky or maybe this type of business has a worse reputation that it should have but so far there has been no problem with getting my salary. Whoop!


Expanding team to start working on Gran Canaria or from home

Come to think of it I might as well add that anyone who might be interested in joining an awesome team to start selling from home can send me a message through the page or leave a comment. Nearly all languages accepted.

In our offices on Gran Canaria we currently have a Swedish and Finnish team but if you are here then please drop by because we are always open for new opportunities.

A troubled business branch

There are plenty of horror stories online in regards to call centers that mistreat and fail to fail their employees their salaries. Make sure that you read up on the company that you are looking to apply too. This can save you a lot of time and energy. Hopefully any problems that might have occurred for others  with that employer may have been written about online. Knowledge is king!

Me myself I must have been lucky because the company, I joined have been excellent so far. I am happy to say that all of my worries have been proven wrong, I don´t even feel the need to knock on wood!

Other than that

Poker in the houseThings are moving in the right direction and life is good! Also the worlds second biggest carnival is in this area right now so next weekend things will get WILD.

Yesterday one of my house mates turned 20 which was celebrated by a nice get-together with poker and much fun in our big ass house!

Before I left Sweden to start working on Gran Canaria I bought a Go-Pro camera to start filming more but I soon realized that my laptop was far from up to the task of editing the videos. But I think that I may have a solution to this soon so who knows maybe there will be v-logs and things like that coming soon. Stay tuned!

Also don´t miss the latest update on the page: Daily Life

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