Plan to Find Accommodation in Hua Hin this Winter

So the plan is still on for the great winter escape of 2017. Thailand is the safe haven where I will hideout while the glistening white death also known as snow is covering Sweden. I am going there with a good friend and this is our Plan to find accommodation in Thailand.

At first we had the travel fever and browsed the web, well mostly Facebook groups, continuously just to find a good place to stay. As soon as we found a house that looked promising we got so excited and started daydreaming.

Surely we found several places to look more closely at but rather soon we realized that we were wasting our time. Instead of trying to find a good place beforehand, with the risk of getting scammed out of the deposit, we could just go there and find it on the spot?

Plan to Find Accommodation in Hua Hin this Winter

We still have our budget as I wrote a bit about earlier but instead of looking for a house in Thailand from Sweden we decided to go another way. We are still looking for a house to stay in but the way to get there is slightly different.

Now our plan is simply to go to Thailand and stay in some apartment complex for a week or two while we look for a house to rent for a few months. It is going to work out perfect for us because it gives us time to find a good place without stressing about it.

Hua Hun it is

As you may already know we are aiming for Hua Hin which is awesomely located only a few hours from Bangkok. We have chosen it because it is easy to transport through the city, it is big but not too big, it is cheap and still is not completely overrun by tourists yet.

Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming Winter Escape 2017.

Plan to Find Accommodation in Hua Hin this Winter

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