11 hours on a plane to get a fine and go back again

Some flights are unlike others and some passengers leave their brain at the airport. This is a true story about my latest flight to Thailand from Sweden and my experience while setting next to one of the worlds biggest idiots.

For starters I´d like to point out that I have flown with Norwegian many times and I have never had any problems. Sure they might charge you extra for a lot of stuff but you know that already when booking so you can´t really complain about that.

I expected that flight to be like any of the other ones. I go to the airport, use the self-check in and make my way to the plane to sit there for 11 hours before landing in Bangkok after watching a lot of movies to pass the time. Being 11 hours up in a plane for some people can be a very stressful situation and due that produce fatigue even when being sit, for those I suggest dim pills, will also balance your estrogen levels.

Well this time I had barely put my butt in the seat before the passenger sitting next to me arrives with a big bag in his hands. He decided to mush it down under the seat in front of him where it took up all the space.

He then tried to put his legs on my side of the seat and I politely told him to think again, the seats are small enough I am not going to share my leg space with him because he can´t put his bag where it is supposed to be.

He looked a bit grumpy but moved his legs to his side again, mushing his bag even more. Already then I noticed that he was a bit.. off in some way. But he was old and I just assumed that he had taken some medicine to sleep on the plane.

We sit there and wait for a while before it is time for take-off and as usual the pilot rocked it with nothing special happening.

I put on my headphones and start going through the screen in front of me to find some good movies or series to watch.

As time goes he keeps opening his bag to drink something out of a bottle in a plastic bag. I didn´t think more of it, but I should have.

After a while I thought “Hmm, it smells a lot like mint every time he drinks”. I didn´t think more of it.

More time passes and he seems to have apparent problems to sit still. His elbow hits my arm several times and I start getting annoyed. He then puts his feet on his leg so that his shoe is resting on my trousers.

I look at him to see if he even notices, I mean is he rude or stupid? After a few seconds I take his foot and shoves it away from my trouser. He looks over surprised and I point to the shoe print on my black pants. I say nothing more and he says nothing.

At this time I feel really annoyed already and soon it all becomes so obvious to me. This idiot is drinking Mintu, alcohol, that he bought in the tax-free trying to save a few bucks. I mean come on dude, we are flying to Thailand. You think you wont have the chance to drink there?

After a while he gets really annoying as he keeps moving around and constantly bumps in to me with his elbow or feet. I had the window seat and the person on the other side left and sat somewhere else.

Now the drunken idiot from Sweden is trying to open his belt, he can´t even unlock it, to go the bathroom. After five minutes he makes it up but almost falls down instantly.

The stewardess rush over to see what is going on, they see that he is drunk immediately and searches his bag to confiscate his alcohol. They get really annoyed and try to explain that he is breaking the rules but he is too drunk to listen.

He makes it back from the bathroom eventually and tries to lay down to sleep but with his feet in my lap. Hell no you drunken moron, I push his feet away forcefully and tell him to stop putting his dirty shoes on me. He looks annoyed but says nothing about it.

At this time I feel like smacking this rude idiot in the face. Instead I take a deep breath and raise the volume on the movie I´m watching while he seems to calm down a bit and actually manage to sit still.

30 minutes later he is going through his bag again and I can see from the corner of my eye that this king of idiots has picked up his cigarettes and lighter. What. The. Fuck.

I pause my movie turn to him and grab his lighter just as he is going to light the cigarette. I ask him “what the f¤¤k do you think that you are doing?”. Now he looks angry but he is so drunk he can hardly respond.

He mumbles something like “I´m in my house I can do whatever I want”. I am baffled. I call the stewardess and explain what that happened and the passengers around me back me up as he tries to deny it.

They are fed up, to be honest we were all fed up with this moron from hell. They confiscate his cigarettes and his lighter, explains that he is in big problem and photographs his passport.

The kind stewardess offers me to move to another seat and I gladly accept, happy to get out of the presence of this professional idiot.

Happily I go and sit next to an elderly couple and I felt so bad because they were maybe 70 or 80 and the woman in the couple had been resting in two seats and now I had to take it so that she could not sit comfortable just because of that Swedish idiot drunken super retard.

The rest of the trip passes easily, there was only about 3 hours left and of course I got 0 seconds of sleep.

I´ve never seen anything like that on an airplane and I assume that he was arrested on the spot as we landed because there were more security personell than usual waiting outside.

Did it feel worth it? Whoever you were, I dub you the king of idiots. I assume that he got a big fine upon arrival, spent some time in a holding cell before being sent back home. Money well spent you absolute twat.

I hope my flight is uneventful. I´d also like to end this tragic story with saying that the staff of Norwegian handled it all very well and they even gave me a complimentary breakfast and some drinks for free.

The staff was super friendly all the way through and this has not stopped me from thinking of flying with Norwegian again as they did everything very professional. Happily that drunken moron wasn´t aggressive although I kind of wish I got the chance to slap him in the face a few times.

Thank you Norwegians staff for handling it well and for taking good care, see you next time hopefully without another drunken Swedish idiot.

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