How to: Make money by unlocking your phone

There is an nearly endless ocean of APP:s for our phones out on the world wide web. This post is about an app that allows you to earn money when you unlock your phone. It is completely free to use and easy to set-up!

I am sure that you right now are thinking “this sounds sketchy or way too to good to be true” or even more “how in the hell would that work”? Well the answer is simple ans comes in the shape of BannersApp. Don´t worry, you wont have your phone filled with annoying banners.

The function of BannersApp is very easy. Every time you unlock your screen an ad pops up, there is no sound and there is no minimum time to watch it, you can press close immediately and you get a point in the APP.

After using the app for just a day you already stop noticing it and just click close once you have unlocked your screen, but every click is generating money for you.

You can earn up to 5-7$ per week from your own clicks and you can also refer your friends to use the app and gain a % of their earnings.

The points you generate are converted into the cryptocoin Futurocoin. You can transfer that to an exchange and sell it for other coins, example Bitcoin which you then can sell for cash. So by investing nothing, you can start earning money daily.

Futurocoin also has been very stable in it´s price especially compared to Bitcoin.

Click here to go to BannersAPP

Is there a limit to how much you can earn? Yes and no! You can view at most 150 ads per day, this is to avoid abuse of the system. But it takes no effort at all and no investments at all to start earning.

I recommend you to try it, and to invite your friends because it is effortless and it makes you earn money day by day. Give it a shot, I am sure that you will not regret it. Also the APP itself does not drain your battery which I really appreciate.

You can also adjust how often you want these ads to be shown, for example everytime you open your phone, every other time, every third and so on and so on.

Welcome to BannersAPP I hope you like it and that you make money from it!


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