Get cash back when you book your trip

There is actually a very easy way to get money back from booking your trip. More and more are doing it as it is seemingly effortless and quick. If you are not already doing this then you should check it out.

When I book my trips I want to be as comfortable as possible while spending as little as possible. It is a fine balance to walk and the more I can save on accommodation or a ticket the more money I have at my disposal to explore the destination itself.

One trick that I, and many others, use is to get cash back on our bookings. There are websites that have deals, offers or just a cash return on any purchase with many, many different stores.

By booking through one of them you can get a certain % back on your purchase. Do that a few times and the money starts stacking up for you faster than you would´ve thought.

The best combo is if you find a special deal that saves you money and then you even get a cashback on that buy, money you have to spend on other stuff without having to do much at all.

“What´s the catch?” There really is none. The site you buy through have marketing deals with the stores and it is more of a win-win-win for all parties.

“Okay so where do I begin?” Well I use BonusWay and after using it for a while I even became an affiliate for them. So of course I will recommend you to check that one out.

Sign up for free and start checking out the different deals, once you buy something through the site it all automatically tracks your purchase and adds the money into your account on the site. When it is confirmed you can send the money to your account.

They have many deals from the famous but also other travel deals. You will also find coupons and discounts for all sorts of stores on there.

I hope this helps you save some money when you are booking your next trip! Enjoy!

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