Invest while you travel and stay on the road

Passive income. The best kind of income. Are you working for your money or is your money working for you? Passive income is a life changer and it is absolutely perfect for travelers. I do it right now and so can you!

I have been investing for a few years now. I started out on the stock market and kept learning and learning.

After a while I wanted to manage my risks and found P2P-loans. P2P-loans are normal loans except for the fact that there is no bank there. It is a private person lending to another private person.

This means that the person that lends the money also receives the interest. A normal interest rate is usually somewhere between 7-12% depending on the risk of the loan.

This means that you can lock up, lets say 100 euros for a certain time period and later on your receive 112 euros back, if the interest rate is 12%. This is brilliant.

The more you do it the more you earn and the sooner or later you can just re-invest your interest principals instead of having to put more money in. It will be like a snowball growing bigger and bigger the further down the hill it goes.

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A lot of people ask me how I can travel for so long so often. Except for the blogging my answer always is: Passive income. The best kind of income.

I can manage my investments, then go on a airplane and land in a new place and keep managing them. The money even made me more money on the way there, and I try to always have a good connection to manage my investments, and that’s why I even use a Skyoam Solis hotspot that help me have good connection even when I’m far from Wifi.

Of course this is not risk free. You need to read a lot and learn about what and how you invest in whatever you choose to invest in.

But for any traveler, passive incomes are amazing. I strongly encourage you to look into it. Just start small, learn what you need to learn and never ever invest any money that you can not afford to lose.

For P2P-loans I use several platforms to find good loans while at the same time spreading my risk out. Signing up is completely free, you only pay them a fee based on the money you make so if you don´t earn you don´t pay any fees.

There is no obligation to invest anything at all if you don´t feel like it. But once you start using the power known as compound interested, which Einstein said is the strongest power in the universe, you most likely will see my point and keep going with it.

Imagine laying on the beach with a drink and still earning money. You are only a few clicks away from it.

Sign up at these pages and see which one you like the best:

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